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US seeks to reassure Israel over Syria

After a fortnight of frenzy, Israel’s security officials relaxed on Sunday, when America slowed the timetable for its pullout from Syria.

Sanctions a ‘severe blow’ to Iran

In a step that could spell the beginning of the end for the Iranian regime, America has hit it with crushing sanctions.

Trump and Putin discuss Syria

In past discussions Trump has shown naivety about Russia’s seriousness about threats from Syria, and all indications after this week’s summit are that he is becoming less assertive, not more, with Putin.

End of an era

AFTER 20 years in federal politics, Melbourne Ports MP Michael Danby today officially announced that he will step down at the end of the current parliamentary term.

Segev charged with spying for Iran

Israel has charged a former government minister with spying for Iran, claiming that he met his Iranian handlers in a series of secret meetings in hotels around the world.

Netanyahu’s water diplomacy for Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu has made an "unprecedented offer" to Iranians, saying that Israel will step in where their own regime has abandoned them, and help them to survive the drought.

Iran fuels further violence at Israel-Gaza border

Palestinians came out in force for the latest gathering as it marked the 51st anniversary of Israel's success in the Six-Day War and the Iranian-instituted Quds Day.

Russian pledge on Syria

Moscow’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that “only representatives of the Syrian armed forces will be deployed on the Syrian side of the border with Israel".

Israel exposes Iran’s nuclear weapons program

Benjamin Netanyahu is waiting with baited breath to find out whether his intelligence coup from Iran, revealed in a dramatic speech on Monday, is enough to derail the”terrible” nuclear deal.

Golan Heights residents fear escalation

As world powers decide their next steps for a volatile Syria, in the largest Jewish town in the Golan Heights, the security chief is preparing bomb shelters.