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Israeli karate kid on top of the world

Israeli karate kid Sela Elmaliah – who has family in Australia – won a gold medal at the World Budo Karate Children’s Championships in Lithuania.

Hands up if you were born here

Just as the great transforming feature of Australian history since 1945 has been the immigration story, so it’s been for Australian Jewry.

Grief hits home in Israel

The award-winning Israeli film Foxtrot, currently in Australian cinemas, attempts to respond to the country’s continuing cycle of conflict, with director Samuel Maoz offering a metaphor for Israeli life.

Miracle in the Amazon jungle

In 1981, 22-year-old Israeli backpacker Yossi Ghinsberg ventured into the Amazon jungle on an adventure that turned into a battle for survival. Now his adventures have been made into a film

The power of love and two strong women

When a Jewish woman from Israel and a Sudanese-Christian woman in Australia are brought together by their love for one child, a journey of migration and motherhood that transcends all

Spotlight on Israeli films

From dramas to documentaries, this year's AICE Israeli Film Festival under the helm of director Richard Moore offers a smorgasbord of award-winning films, writes Danny Gocs.

Trump holds out hand to Abbas

The Trump administration has given an unexpected embrace to the Palestinian leadership, inviting President Mahmoud Abbas to Washington and sending a top envoy to Ramallah on Tuesday for a warm meeting.

Mandolin maestro

Renowned Israeli-born mandolin soloist Avi Avital, who has been nominated for a Grammy award, is back in Australia for a concert tour starting later this month.

Peres Obama

The end of the era of giants

For all the ­high-profile mourners at Shimon Peres’ funeral in Jerusalem, it was his daughter who summed up the man in less than a dozen words.

Cutting-edge Israel art

Some of the best works by contemporary Israeli artists have been brought to Australia for a special fundraising exhibition.