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‘Bibi hacked Iranians, Iranians hacked Gantz’

BENNY Gantz’s bid to become Israel’s Prime Minister is in crisis, after it emerged that his phone was hacked and the content passed to Iranians. 

Bibi incurs wrath of Rivlin and Wonder Woman

Benjamin Netanyahu is under attack from both Israel's President and Wonder Woman for insulting Arab citizens.

Bibi to be indicted

Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting for his political survival, in the throes of his biggest crisis since he came to power, after Israel’s top lawyer announced plans to indict him.

Reaction to Bibi victory

COMMUNAL leaders have welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s success at last week’s election.

Israel votes: The view from Australia

ISRAELIS head to the polls next Tuesday in what is tipped to be one of the country’s tightest elections in years.

Election defies pundits

THE Israeli election result flies in the face of media commentators and critics who had charged Israel with moving to the political right, local Jewish leaders say.

It doesn’t end with the poll

THE likely winner of Tuesday’s Israeli election has been known for a long time, but that doesn’t mean it’s a poll to ignore.

The Israeli election: A guide for the perplexed

Political consultant Jodie Cohen explains who’s who and what’s what in the upcoming election. EARLY elections were called when the coalition government, led by Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, collapsed after […]

Arab MK clear to run in poll

There was anger in Israel’s front-running party Likud-Beitenu this week, after the Supreme Court overturned a decision to disqualify a controversial Arab MK from the January 22 election. The Central Elections Committee had ruled that Hanin Zoabi (pictured), who took part in the 2010 flotilla which tried to breach Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza, could not run for a further term in Knesset.

Likud-Beitenu could lose seats

BENJAMIN Netanyahu’s election list is losing support as polling day gets closer, according to public-opinion surveys published this week.