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Barak’s back in bid to oust Bibi

THE centre-left just received the boost it needs to defeat Bibi, Ehud Barak has claimed, announcing his political comeback.

‘Israel’s all messed up with their election’

ISRAELIS are incredulous that they will vote again on September 17 – after taking part in elections on April 9. Even in a country of such political turbulence, this is a first, writes Nathan Jeffay.

Government in chaos as campaigning begins

BENJAMIN Netanyahu has kicked off his second election campaign of 2019 by firing two former allies and throwing the government into chaos. 

‘We won’t let Netanyahu be a dictator’

EVEN weeks after Israel's election, the country has been plunged back into uncertainty, and politicians are once again locked in bitter conflict.

Trump: ‘Better chance’ for peace with Netanyahu winning

President Donald Trump congratulated Benjamin Netanyahu on his re-election as Israeli prime minister and said it paved the way for peace in the Middle East.

Gantz and Lapid unite to form Blue and White

At the last moment possible according to election rules, the parties of former military Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and popular politician Yair Lapid have decided to run together.

Gantz takes the fight to the right

Benjamin Netanyahu's challenger Benny Gantz shook up the election campaign this week, by taking him to task using the arguments of the right-wing.