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Festival session a parody masquerading as debate

No-one suggests every political session at the SWF need comprise an equal number of protagonists advocating competing perspectives; but surely the integrity of the festival demands what on any objective analysis should be a reasonable measure of balance.

ECAJ poll finds public’s ‘common sense’

Australians in general have very nuanced views about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to additional findings from the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ)-commissioned YouGov Galaxy poll first reported on last week.

Abbott headlines Chabad North Shore dinner

MORE than $200,000 was raised for Chabad North Shore at its annual gala dinner at Curzon Hall last week, headlined by Tony Abbott.

Biran rings bell on inequality

ISRAELI Labour Party MK Michal Biran raised the issues of rising inequality and the unresolved Israeli–Palestinian conflict as key challenges facing Israel today.

Senator’s speech on Israel condemned

JEWISH groups have condemned a volley of accusations in Parliament by Senator Lisa Singh after her April visit to the West Bank and Israel.

Opposites tackle peace puzzle

TWO high profile Israeli guests from opposite sides of the political spectrum will tackle the question ‘One State or Two States?’

‘Never fear supporting Israel’: Harper

One of the Jewish State’s most loyal friends abroad, former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, received a standing ovation at the United Israel Appeal’s (UIA) 2017 campaign gala event at Sydney’s Darling Harbour Theatre on Monday – before he even spoke.

Changes required in new history syllabus

THE Israeli-Palestinian conflict is just one area of the new national draft Modern History curriculum that the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) says needs to be changed.

TV series “The Promise” akin to Nazi propaganda

“INSIDIOUS”, “racist” and “a landmark in the creeping rehabilitation of anti-Semitism in Western culture”.

Obama ‘blundered’ with settlement call

AHEAD of his trip to Australia this month, former Ha’aretz editor David Landau reflected on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a phone interview with The AJN on Sunday, identifying mistakes that derailed the peace process and offering suggestions for getting them back on track again.