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Illumination from an intellect

IF ever the time was right to listen to what Bernard-Henri Lévy has to say, it would be now.

On board with Gennarosity Abroad

This July, two Sydney filmmakers will be creating a powerful documentary chronicling the journey of Genna Radnan and the wide-reaching impact her charity, Gennarosity Abroad, is having on the ground in Kenya.

Tackling homelessness one-on-one

THERE was a precise moment when Jewish millennial Gali Blacher and her friend Madelyn Jones knew they would create The Good Box, a social enterprise tackling the sapping isolation of homelessness by providing opportunities for anyone to purchase, and personally give, useful everyday items to individuals in need.

ORAH Project giving charities a boost

JEWISH charities are the big winners in the latest round of donations provided by the ORAH Project, an innovative investment fund established by Sydney's Carole and Russel Pillemer.

Fresh hope for Hakoah

DETAILED plans to build a $40-45 million Jewish community centre at White City will be submitted to Woollahra Council next month.

Supporting social change makers

SOME of Australia's top business and entrepreneurial minds will headline the judging panel at this year's third JCA Jumpstart annual pitch event on Wednesday, December 5.

Fighting back on BRCA

“OTHER than fear, I felt empowered," said 39-year-old Sydney-based resident Amanda Isenberg as she described her reaction upon receiving the troubling, life-changing news that she is a carrier of a fault in the BRCA1 gene at age 29.

Why Melbourne should follow Sydney’s lead

The lack of structural communal leadership in Melbourne is a major stumbling block to reducing the cost of Jewish education.

Stalwart Nadel turns 100

Not everyone gets personal letters from the Israeli President and the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defence Forces for their 100th birthday. But then Julius Nadel, who celebrated his centennial milestone on June 8, has certainly lived an extraordinary life.

Campaign raises the alarm

THE edgy theme for JCA's 2018 annual campaign was "Dangerous Ideas", but large crowds at events in Sydney's north and east were in safe hands, as movers and shakers representing a broad spectrum of Jewry were steered by renowned futurist Phill Nosworthy into a discussion about the challenges facing the NSW and ACT Jewish communities.