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Shkedy and Suchard set for Oz

FORMER head of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and CEO of El Al, Major General Eliezer Shkedy, together with world renowned Israeli mentalist Lior Suchard, will appear exclusively in Australia at JNF’s annual dinners in early September. 

New JNF president inspired by nature

NEW JNF Australia president Marcus Rose has revealed his deep passion for nature conservation will shape his leadership, and take JNF's comprehensive breadth of environmental protection projects in Israel "to the next level".

JNF to send 68 teachers to Israel

An expanded JNF Australia Educators' Study Tour of Israel of 68 teaching professionals from 20 schools across the nation – including two principals, three deputy principals and a large non-Jewish contingent – will see iconic Israeli sights and visit innovative and diverse schools from January 1-10.

Israel stands stronger than ever at seventy

A CAPACITY audience packed The Venue in Alexandria to hear Ehud Barak, a former Israeli Labour prime minister, who had become the country's most decorated soldier, proclaim that "Israel is stronger now than in other point in our history", in conversation with foreign editor of The Australian, Greg Sheridan.

Israeli Mayor to visit

JEWISH National Fund (JNF) Australia has a proud record of contributing to the development of communities in Israel's desert-dominated Ramat Hanegev.

Trip inspires Aussie teachers

"MORE inspired, motivated and connected" are how 61 teachers from Jewish schools in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are feeling after attending the inaugural JNF Australia Educators Study Tour of Israel from January 2-10.

JNF group recalls Balfour

A GROUP of more than 50 Australians sat in Independence Hall in Tel Aviv last Thursday – in the same room where David Ben-Gurion declared the establishment of the State of Israel – exactly 100 years after the Balfour Declaration was signed.

Bringing the Battle of Beersheva alive

Erenst Pauls' words and pictures form the backbone of a new exhibition called “In Their Steps” at the Sydney Jewish Museum presented by JNF Australia.

Entebbe memories at JNF

The crowd-pulling power of Shaul Mofaz delivered in spades for JNF NSW at its annual dinner last week, held in support of the growing community of Ofakim in Israel’s strategically vital Negev region.

JNF Australia’s Anzac mission

A RESTORED Allenby Park and plans for the Anzac museum in Beersheva were unveiled last week by JNF leaders and the town’s mayor.