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Archibald win for Yvette

ONE of the first people to congratulate artist Yvette Coppersmith on winning the $100,000 Archibald Prize for her self-portrait last week was New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, who had knocked back the artist’s request to sit for a portrait.

Doreen Beckwith is one of innumerable chained women

‘Chained’ women in the spotlight

The plight of Jewish women who are refused a religious divorce by their husbands will be highlighted in Set Me Free, an ABC-TV documentary airing on July 10.

Safran’s ‘Truman Capote moment’

IT wasn’t long after John Safran, documentarian, TV star, radio host and all round agent provocateur pulled a prank on a notorious white supremacist in Mississippi for his 2009 ABC

Summer reading hits and misses

JOHN Safran, Michael Gawenda, Bram Presser and Josh Frydenberg reveal their favourites books for summer as well as some of the “misses” of last year. John Safran Television personality What […]