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Bibi pledge ‘turns pollies into puppets’

BENJAMIN Netanyahu has been criticised for taking personality politics to a new level – by having 40 top Likud candidates pledge their allegiance to him.

Lieberman urges Likud–Blue and White coalition

THE politician famous for warning that Israel is headed towards theocracy is saying that the country's only hope is for a unity government.

The final polls are in and Israel’s election is a nail-biter

The final polls before Israel’s national election on Tuesday show Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party running either neck-and-neck or up to five seats behind upstart challenger Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party.

Netanyahu vs Gantz: still neck and neck

BOTH of the top players still have everything to play for as Israel's voters prepare to go to the polls on Tuesday, to decide what is still a neck-and-neck race.

Bibi to be indicted

Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting for his political survival, in the throes of his biggest crisis since he came to power, after Israel’s top lawyer announced plans to indict him.

Netanyahu’s deal with the devil

Kahanism, with all its despicable racism and hatred, has resurfaced from the gutters of Israeli politics into the mainstream of pre-election debate.

Netanyahu avoids early elections

The Gaza violence pushed Israel into the throes of a political crisis, forcing the Prime Minister to pull a rabbit out of a hat in order to avoid early elections.

Last minute deal saves Bibi’s coalition

The Israeli government has averted early elections, by cutting a deal to bring a coalition crisis to an end.

Likud tightens grip on West Bank

The ruling party in Jerusalem has voted in favour of extending Israeli sovereignty to West Bank settlements. The Israeli left is livid about the resolution, which was passed by the central committee of Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud.

Bibi indictment: “When not if”

The legal woes of the Netanyahu family have suddenly turned serious, after police signed up the Prime Minister’s former right-hand man as a witness.