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A walk to remember

EACH year more than 10,000 people from around the world descend on Auschwitz to take part in March of the Living (MOTL). Coinciding with Yom Hashoah last week, together they took the three-kilometre walk to Birkenau – a silent tribute to all victims of the Holocaust. 

Kurt’s march for Judaism

Unlocking a family secret that was buried generations ago sent Kurt Brown on an unexpected journey. Sophie Deutsch reports.

‘Fearless lion’ mourned

MOMENTS after Ari Fuld was stabbed on Sunday night in Gush Etzion, in an attack that was to prove fatal, he rose to his feet, jumped over a fence, drew his pistol and shot the terrorist who had knifed him to prevent further innocent Israelis being assaulted.

‘We are still here’

This Yom Hashoah marks the 30th anniversary of March of the Living. Participants from over the years share their very personal highs and lows with Rebecca Davis.

Holocaust organisations unite

A REGIONAL body to coordinate Holocaust commemorative and educational organisations in Australia, New Zealand and south east Asia, has been launched at a landmark conference.

From sorrow to celebrations

THE Australian contingent of March of the Living (MOTL) returned home this week after an emotional journey that saw them shed tears for the victims of the Holocaust in Poland and then cheer for the Jewish State’s birthday a week later in Israel.

March of the Living film released

AS the 2016 contingent embarks on March of the Living (MOTL), filmmaker Adam Dostalek has chosen Yom Hashoah to release his documentary, Never Forget: A March of the Living Story, to the public.

A meaningful March

THE Australian contingent of March of the Living (MOTL) is now enjoying the Israel leg of the program, following a meaningful and moving experience in Poland. This year, the Australian

MOTL reaches out to young adults

MARCH of the Living (MOTL) Australia is planning to send its first young adult contingent next year, inviting 20-30-year-olds to take part in the well-established educational program which visits Poland and Israel.

Health impact of Shoah trips on teens assessed

AUSTRALIAN and Israeli researchers have collaborated on the first study of its kind to examine the psychological effects on adolescents who visit Holocaust sites.