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‘Our converts are as kosher as yours’

HOSE in the position of authority must represent their constituents in accordance with applicable legal and ethical requirements. If that is not happening questions have to be asked and solutions have to be found. 

Ark conversions rejected

THE Orthodox conversions of more than a dozen people hang in the balance after the Sydney and Melbourne Beth Dins stated they would not be recognised, following consultation with the London Beth Din, the Beth Din of America, the Johannesburg Beth Din and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.


Couples’ ketubahs ‘not legitimate’?

One couple may need to have a second Jewish wedding ceremony and another wedding is being scrutinised amid claims the officiating rabbi failed to meet halachic standards.

Woman refused to accept Jewish divorce

The case of Idelsohn v. Idelsohn saw an Orthodox Jewish husband attempting to force his wife into accepting a gett, asking the Family Court of Australia to withhold the wife’s property settlement of approximately $760,000 until she agreed. 

Question mark over conversions

The Ark Centre in East Hawthorn has agreed not to accept any new people into its conversion program for the next 12 months under a deal reached with the Rabbinical Council of Victoria.

Rabin to lead RCV

RABBI Daniel Rabin of the North Eastern Jewish Centre (NEJC) has been appointed as the new president of the Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV). Rabbi Rabin, who has served as

Court ruling eases Jewish divorce

A VICTORIAN magistrate’s decision could have an important impact on the granting of a gett (Jewish bill of divorce) if a husband refuses to do so.

Rabbis relish new roles

RABBI Mordechai Gutnick has been elected unopposed as the new president of the Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) at its annual general meeting.