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Comedian’s last laugh on cancer

SINCE Michael Shafar turned his back on a law career for the world of stand-up comedy a few years ago, he has been a regular performer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Funny business

From US President Donald Trump’s brain, to Brexit, to the carry-on in Canberra, popular British comedian Andy Zaltzman has a load of laughs in store for local audiences.

Comedy with a horror twist

STAND-UP comic Dave Bloustien has introduced horror stories into his new comedy show, Grand Guignol, at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. His show has been inspired by the Grand Guignol

Poking fun at married life

A YEAR after close friends Michelle Zeimer and Mikhaela Musat celebrated their own weddings, they have drawn on the excitement and the headaches of the big day for a new […]