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The real threat facing us

OUR community is justifiably concerned about recent developments within the ALP. The misguided push by some elements, led by Bob Carr, to unilaterally recognise the “State of Palestine” has gained some traction at recent state Labor conferences. Much of the rhetoric emanating from supporters of the Palestinian cause has been inflammatory, including morally offensive comparisons with apartheid South Africa. These decisions will have no bearing on Labor’s foreign policy determined at its 2018 national conference.

AILD rejects Elbit claims

THE Australia-Israel Labor Dialogue (AILD) has gone on the attack as an internal ALP storm erupted over a news story trying to link MPs’ Israel visits to an Israeli defence contractor.

Unionists report back

TRADE Union representatives who participated in an Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council Rambam mission last November reported their impressions at a lunch in Sydney last Thursday. “There are certainly some

Top post for Jewish unionist

A JEWISH unionist who is fighting to prevent boycotts against Israel has been elevated to one of Australia’s top union jobs.