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New claim against Litzman, court hears Leifer is schizophrenic

ISRAEL’S Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman is suspected of receiving a bribe in relation to the Malka Leifer case, according to a television report. 

Clashes escalate on the Gaza border

Scenes of violence returned to Israel's southern border in recent days amid mounting concerns of a threat from the north, writes Nathan Jeffay.

Tensions escalate after Gazan rocket barrage

Southern Israel is reeling, after Gaza militants fired 200 rockets in a single day, injuring residents and terrifying worshippers in a synagogue.

Leifer faces Israeli court

Malka Leifer finally faced an Israeli judge, after police officers claimed that she was faking mental illness to avoid court proceedings.

Haifa shooting

Haifa shooting was terror attack

His girlfriend teased him that he was a “Jew lover”. Shortly afterwards, Mahmoud Shinawi proved that he wasn’t – by going on a shooting spree against residents of his own city, Haifa.

Top cop in Israel

JERUSALEM – Israeli technology and brainpower will soon be making streets and internet connections safer in New South Wales.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef dead at 93

OVADIA Yosef, arguably the world’s most prolific rabbi, died in Jerusalem on Monday, aged 93.