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Truth was the collateral damage

In this week’s episode of Body Hack, Todd Sampson presented a sensational, but entirely one-sided portrayal, of the political situation in Gaza, writes Naomi Levin.

‘I was barely breathing, my hands were trembling’

TERROR. It is the only word to describe the feeling when I stepped into the small hotel room, put down my bag and froze. I had just left a nearby

Australia’s government should ban Hezbollah

There is strong evidence that Hezbollah is active in Australia – in the local criminal underworld and from the pulpits of some mosques.

Are our tax dollars funding Palestinian terror?

There are doubts over the integrity of three separate Australian-funded development programs in the Palestinian Territories, and also long-term concerns over funding for the UN Relief and Works Agency.

Abbott, Lew on the same page

IT seemed scripted – a prominent businessman unleashes on the ineffectiveness of the government, following which, the alternative prime minister stands up to present a case that things would be different with him at the helm.

Jewish voice on top council

TOP Jewish community advocate Peter Wertheim is one of 10 eminent individuals appointed to the Gillard Government’s new Australian Multicultural Council.

Aussie expats seek social change

THREE Australian expats have joined the social protests sweeping Israel to try to create a more equitable society.

Big ideas light the way to big future

IT was standing room only at a community debate on the future of Jewish Melbourne last Sunday.

Legal eagles offer aid on child abuse

THE lawyer who extracted more than $800,000 in damages from the Anglican Church after a student at an Anglican school was abused, has offered to help Jewish victims of child abuse.

New generation to take JNF forward

A TRIP through the Negev stirred Simone Szalmuk-Singer, awakening a legacy imparted by her father and paving the way to her Jewish National Fund (JNF) Victoria presidency.