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Spirit of commemoration remains strong in Beersheba

This year’s service to commemorate the great Anzac success in Beersheba 101 years ago could easily have felt like an anti-climax, bit it had renewed energy.

Sanctions a ‘severe blow’ to Iran

In a step that could spell the beginning of the end for the Iranian regime, America has hit it with crushing sanctions.

Pittsburgh and the responsibilities of the press

It has been humbling in the days since the attack to see the good that my profession can do, in helping people to process, commemorate, and unify.

Israel shares Pittsburgh’s pain

Israel's Diaspora Minister flew to Pittsburgh hours after the deadly attack at the Tree of Life synagogue and told locals, "Our whole nation is feeling the pain you are feeling."

Boosting ties with the Arab world

Israel's new ties with Arab countries are suddenly becoming public, after three leading Israeli politicians paid visits to Gulf states and Hatikvah played in Abu Dhabi.

Israel caught off-guard by Jordan

Israel's friendliest neighbour, Jordan, has announced that it is backing out of an agreement made when it signed the 1994 peace treaty.

Rabin’s granddaughter calls for change

The Israeli government needs to change the atmosphere in Israel or there will be another political murder, Yitzhak Rabin's granddaughter Noa Rotman warned this week.

Locals feel war could be just weeks away

AS angry protests rage and fires burn in Gaza, residents of Southern Israel are bracing themselves for violence. 

Israeli, Arab workers reeling from terror attack

A YOUNG mother cheerily walked through the gate of Barkan Industrial Park on Sunday morning. Soon afterwards, her colleague and killer ran out of the same gate, with her blood on his hands. 

Dessau visits Israel

THE Governor of Victoria visited Israel this week, and told The AJN that she was wowed by the "energy and optimism" she encountered.