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‘A hole in the heart of the nation’

SHE was meant to return to school on Sunday, after Israel’s summer holiday. Instead, Rina Shnerb lies in a newly-dug grave, killed by a terrorist bomb.

Tearful reunion for Aussie mum

CELESTE Tucker of Perth never expected to be visiting a child in the IDF. In fact, she moved to Australia so her kids would not need to serve.

Israeli tech is just the beginning

BUNNINGS has a new plan for conquering the online marketplace: Israeli brains.

Bibi pledge ‘turns pollies into puppets’

BENJAMIN Netanyahu has been criticised for taking personality politics to a new level – by having 40 top Likud candidates pledge their allegiance to him.

Claims against ministers rock Netanyahu campaign

THE Malka Leifer case was catapulted to the heart of Israel's election debate this week, as opposition politicians claimed that the new scandal shows that the Netanyahu government is rotten.

Israeli police: ‘Charge Litzman’

ISRAEL'S health chief should face charges for allegedly interfering with the Malka Leifer case, Israeli police concluded this week.

Cynicism over Abbas threats to sever Israel ties

THE Palestinian President will pull the plug on agreements signed with Israel, he said in a televised speech.

‘Bathers’ campaign urges consideration of conflict

HAMAS leader peers down at Israeli motorists, clad only in bathers. This is happening across Tel Aviv, as part of a new billboard campaign.

Bibi issues warning over Iran

EUROPE'S cool response to Iran's nuclear transgressions is reminiscent of the appeasement of Hitler, Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed.

International attempts to quell border tensions

INTERNATIONAL delegations are headed to Gaza to try to prevent an escalation after the IDF killed a Palestinian man and terrorists fired two rockets at Israel.