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‘Bibi hacked Iranians, Iranians hacked Gantz’

BENNY Gantz’s bid to become Israel’s Prime Minister is in crisis, after it emerged that his phone was hacked and the content passed to Iranians. 

Violence flares on Temple Mount

Tensions in Jerusalem rose sharply on Tuesday, after violent Palestinian protests on the Temple Mount involved a firebomb attack on an Israel police post.

Bibi incurs wrath of Rivlin and Wonder Woman

Benjamin Netanyahu is under attack from both Israel's President and Wonder Woman for insulting Arab citizens.

Bibi to be indicted

Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting for his political survival, in the throes of his biggest crisis since he came to power, after Israel’s top lawyer announced plans to indict him.

Gantz and Lapid unite to form Blue and White

At the last moment possible according to election rules, the parties of former military Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and popular politician Yair Lapid have decided to run together.

Bibi slammed over deal with Kahanists

A new deal in Israeli politics means that Kahanists will be in the coalition if Benjamin Netanyahu wins the upcoming election.

Israel-Poland relations rocked

An attempt by Bibi to defend Holocaust history has blown up into an all-out crisis in Israel–Poland relations.

Gantz takes the fight to the right

Benjamin Netanyahu's challenger Benny Gantz shook up the election campaign this week, by taking him to task using the arguments of the right-wing.

Israel in mourning for murdered teen

The circumstances of the assault that killed Israeli teenager Ori Ansbacher weren’t initially clear, but on Sunday authorities confirmed that it was terrorism.

Report reveals BDS links to terrorism

Terrorists are helping to run the BDS movement, a new hard-hitting Israeli government report claims, announced by Gilad Erdan, Israel's Strategic Affairs Minister.