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Bibi issues warning over Iran

EUROPE’S cool response to Iran’s nuclear transgressions is reminiscent of the appeasement of Hitler, Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed.

International attempts to quell border tensions

INTERNATIONAL delegations are headed to Gaza to try to prevent an escalation after the IDF killed a Palestinian man and terrorists fired two rockets at Israel. 

‘These planes can reach anywhere in Mid East’

BENJAMIN Netanyahu has warned Iran that Israeli bomber planes "can reach anywhere in the Middle East". 

Protests continue over Teka shooting

ETHIOPIAN parents in Israel fear for the safety of their children, protesters claimed at angry demonstrations this week.

Abbott’s praise for ‘inspirational’ Israel

THE story of Israeli survival and success is "more relevant to the wider world than ever before", Tony Abbott declared in Jerusalem.

Barak’s back in bid to oust Bibi

THE centre-left just received the boost it needs to defeat Bibi, Ehud Barak has claimed, announcing his political comeback.

Mixed reactions to Israeli tourist site

Israel has reopened the road that ancient pilgrims walked to get to the Second Temple, in a move that is being met by both applause and fury.

Kushner launches ‘opportunity of century’

AFTER years of anticipation, Donald Trump's "ultimate deal" proposal for mideast peace is public – and Palestinian leaders say it will spike tensions instead of achieving its aim. 

Israel concerned over Iranian brinkmanship

IRAN will violate the limit on low-grade uranium production by Thursday unless it gets significant concessions from Europe, according to an official in Tehran.

Lieberman urges Likud–Blue and White coalition

THE politician famous for warning that Israel is headed towards theocracy is saying that the country's only hope is for a unity government.