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Turnbull: Hamas to blame

THE deadliest day of violence on the Gaza border since Operation Protective Edge in 2014 saw 58 Palestinians reportedly killed on Monday while trying to infiltrate into Israel, around half of them known terrorists, according to the Israel Defence Forces.

Carr does a u-turn

FORMER foreign minister Bob Carr has withdrawn from an event billed as "The right of return … commemoration of 70th anniversary of Al Nakbah".

Promotion rejected

GENERAL Sir John Monash (pictured) will not be posthumously promoted to Field Marshal, despite a lengthy campaign to have the highest military rank bestowed upon him, the Prime Minister's Office confirmed to The AJN on Wednesday.

Gen17 findings: Committed to Israel, unbowed by anti-Semitism

There is clearly room for our community to get better at reporting public anti-Semitic discourse, especially online. Complaints should be directed to the ECAJ and state roof bodies and communal security groups.

MPs apologise for Evian

THE world "turned its back on God's chosen people", federal MP Stuart Robert said last week while moving a parliamentary motion apologising for Australia's "indifference" to the plight of European Jewry on the eve of the Holocaust.

ECAJ poll finds public’s ‘common sense’

Australians in general have very nuanced views about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to additional findings from the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ)-commissioned YouGov Galaxy poll first reported on last week.

Our Pole position

THE Australian Jewish community has urged the Polish government to rethink its new law which makes it illegal to claim Polish involvement in the Holocaust.

ALP at odds with voters

THE Labor Party may be set to endorse unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state at its conference in July, but a new poll has revealed that only a fraction of its voters are in favour.

Amends for Evian, 80 years on

A QUEENSLAND Liberal MP wants Australia to issue a formal apology to the Jewish people for its refusal to do more to help Germany's Jews on the eve of World War II.

Mourning community stalwart Andrew Casey

Tributes have flooded in for community stalwart Andrew Casey, who died suddenly at the age of 64 last week. Casey came to Australia as a refugee, was a journalist, media adviser, political activist, trade unionist and proud Jew.