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Our Pole position

THE Australian Jewish community has urged the Polish government to rethink its new law which makes it illegal to claim Polish involvement in the Holocaust.

ALP at odds with voters

THE Labor Party may be set to endorse unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state at its conference in July, but a new poll has revealed that only a fraction of its voters are in favour.

Amends for Evian, 80 years on

A QUEENSLAND Liberal MP wants Australia to issue a formal apology to the Jewish people for its refusal to do more to help Germany's Jews on the eve of World War II.

Mourning community stalwart Andrew Casey

Tributes have flooded in for community stalwart Andrew Casey, who died suddenly at the age of 64 last week. Casey came to Australia as a refugee, was a journalist, media adviser, political activist, trade unionist and proud Jew.

Zentai dies at 96

Accused Nazi war criminal Charles Zentai died at the age of 96 in Perth in December. He was alleged to have beaten Peter Balazs, 18, to death in Budapest in November 1944 for not wearing a yellow star.

Indigenous Kristallnacht protest finally accepted

An Aboriginal letter of protest to Nazi Germany against the horrors of Kristallnacht has finally been accepted by the German government 79 years after it was initially offered at the door of Melbourne's German consulate in 1938.

Commemorating our combatants

MEMBERS of Australia's armed forces who have served in the line of duty and made the ultimate sacrifice were honoured at last Sunday's NSW Association of Jewish Service and Ex-Service Men & Women (NAJEX) Remembrance Day commemoration and wreath-laying ceremony.

SBS Hebrew program safe

JEWISH programming will continue on SBS Radio after a major review of foreign-language services by the broadcaster.

Protest over BDS rocker’s tour

Jewish leaders have criticised Telstra's promotion of an Australian tour by former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters, noting his deep involvement with the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.

Anti-Israel motion defeated

A vehemently anti-Israel motion was defeated at the Western Australia Labor Conference on the weekend.