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Women who wow

Today is International Women’s Day. Rebecca Davis and Sophie Deutsch celebrate a few remarkable women of the community. 

Poland backtracks on Holocaust law

Benjamin Netanyahu said that by securing the Polish concession, his team "upheld our prime duty to ensure the historic truth about the Holocaust."

‘We are still here’

This Yom Hashoah marks the 30th anniversary of March of the Living. Participants from over the years share their very personal highs and lows with Rebecca Davis.

Israeli mayor’s speech canned in Poland

An Israeli mayor's Holocaust comments were censored in Poland this week. If anyone was wondering what the controversial new Polish law will mean in practice, this is it.

ABC doco tells of pilgrimage to Poland

Australian musician Fay Sussman embarked on a moving pilgrimage to Poland, which has been recorded in a captivating documentary called Fay's Journey, set to screen on ABC's Compass program on March 24 at 6pm.

A blow to all who cherish historical truth

Poland has enacted a problematic law, the international community has been shamefully quiet, and Israeli diplomacy failed when it was needed.

‘The blood of Polish Jews cries from the ground’

Poland's President dealt a major blow to Israel and Jewish groups on Tuesday, announcing that he will ratify a controversial new Holocaust law.

New Polish Shoah legislation slammed

Israelis say that the parliament in Warsaw has no right to prescribe prison sentences for people who suggest that Poland bore responsibility for the Holocaust – and top scholars share their dismay.

Outrage over naked game at death camp

Poland's interior minister has instructed prosecutors to follow up on an investigation by groups representing Holocaust survivors on a video featuring nudity that was filmed at a former death camp in the country.

A child survivor’s story

Through the kindness of strangers, toddler Francine Lazarus was able to survive World War II, and recounted her amazing story to Yael Brender.