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Hands up if you were born here

Just as the great transforming feature of Australian history since 1945 has been the immigration story, so it’s been for Australian Jewry.

Yahrzeit for van den Bergh

THERE were tears of joy at the graveside of the only Jewish soldier in the Beersheba cemetery on Tuesday, after an unlikely set of events led rabbis to realise it was his yahrzeit and hold an ad-hoc service.

Billion dollar donation

BUSINESSMAN Anthony Pratt has pledged to give away an unprecedented $1 billion to charity before he dies.

A monumental error

A CLARIFICATION will be inscribed on a Jewish community plaque honouring fallen Jewish Diggers after a glaring error in the inscription was pointed out.

Thanks for feeding Israel

PHILANTHROPIST Jeanne Pratt and her late husband Richard were honoured last month for helping feed Israel’s hungry.