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Rabbinical reflections on ‘Who is a Jew’

An individual’s decision to not convert, or to convert through non-orthodox means, cannot assuage the challenges that their children will face when prejudiced by the mainstream, self identifying Jews. Our decisions today have consequences tomorrow. Accepting, rather than abrogating, responsibility for those choices is something that could be instilled by our parents … or perhaps by a strong and competent educational institution.

Conflict at Kehillat Masada

IN what is believed to be a first in Jewish adult education in Australia, Rabbi Gad Krebs from Kehillat Masada has created a series of talks, debates and discussions designed to make people feel uncomfortable - at least initially.

KA-CK conflict heats up

COMMUNITY Kashrut (CK) has been slammed by its opposition, the Kashrut Authority (KA), but endorsed by a top kashrut agency in Israel, which the KA itself approves of.

Rabbis back refugees

TWELVE Sydney rabbis have joined their interstate counterparts in calling on the federal government not to deport 267 asylum seekers to Nauru.

CK rabbi: ‘This is war’

WITH Sydney’s second kashrut certification agency on the brink of offering its services for the first time, its chief rabbi has declared there is a kashrut war in Sydney.

‘Community man in every sense’ mourned

THE Sydney Jewish community has lost one of its most dedicated members with the passing of Fred Seskin last Saturday night.

St Ives gets its eruv

ST Ives finally has a functional eruv.

Kehillat Masada turns 30

IT has had its fair share of ups and downs over the past three decades, but the mood at Kehillat Masada this Sunday will be one of celebration as the […]

Sydney prays for kidnapped teens

MORE than 1000 members of Sydney’s Jewish community gathered in solidarity on Monday evening, praying for the safe return of the three kidnapped teenagers in Israel.