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VCE supplier apologises over anti-Israel slur

A SIX-week dispute over an anti-Israel falsehood disseminated by a VCE educational resources supplier appears to have been settled, with the organisation issuing a full apology, acknowledging the factual incorrectness of the material and severing ties with the teacher who authored it.

Merlino tackles ACHPER

VICTORIAN Education Minister James Merlino has announced he expects an unreserved apology and a full public accounting from education resources provider, Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER), after a controversy over how it handled a complaint against anti-Israel study materials.

Anti-Israel coursework controversy continues

FALSE, denigrating claims about Israel in study materials for Victorian students came under the blowtorch this week as Caulfield MP David Southwick demanded the Andrews government move more quickly to safeguard students from false information in VCE coursework.

Why Dahl must not be chocolate coated

Why do so few even know of Roald Dahl's antisemitism, despite his proudly trumpeting his views in mainstream publications? asks Rabbi James Kennard.

VCE coursework material pulled over anti-Israel slur

WHEN Mount Scopus Memorial College student Ramona Chrapot read a sample response in her VCE coursework which claimed that Israel destroys the houses of Arabs living there simply because they are Muslim not Jewish, she could not believe her eyes.

Mount Scopus heading to Caulfield?

MOUNT Scopus College's dream of moving the entire school to Caulfield could be confirmed within 18 months.

Netanyahu’s deal with the devil

Kahanism, with all its despicable racism and hatred, has resurfaced from the gutters of Israeli politics into the mainstream of pre-election debate.

25 hours of tech-free bliss

As the power of technology to communicate and inform is equalled by its capacity to distract and disrupt, only an obligation to fully switch off allows me to truly switch on.

‘Tikkun olam’ is simply not enough for Jewish identity

We need a Jewish identity that includes the wisdom of Jewish learning and the beauty of Jewish practice, that sees the world and our place in it through a Jewish lens.

Learning a valuable lesson from IKEA

Why the Netanya branch of flatpack furniture giant IKEA, which has its own shule, is a metaphor for the Jewish State.