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Why I campaigned to ban David Icke

This righteous decision communicates the message that Australia stands for better, that it will continue to be a safe haven for us all, and that the likes of David Icke are not welcome here.

Netanyahu’s deal with the devil

Kahanism, with all its despicable racism and hatred, has resurfaced from the gutters of Israeli politics into the mainstream of pre-election debate.

Jewish-Muslim initiative tackles racism

A Jewish-Muslim initiative that provides training on how to safely respond to a hate attack was launched at Melbourne's Immigration Museum on December 10.

Nation-state law: for and against

The new nation-state law has come under fire both domestically and internationally, but the government in Jerusalem claims it is a pinnacle of Zionism.

Facebook is stuck in denial

If Facebook doesn’t revise its outdated policy on Holocaust denial, regulators will inevitably change it for them. That will leave Facebook and the Zuckerbergs not just stuck in the past, but on the wrong side of history.

Trump under fire over Charlottesville

Jewish leaders across the globe have condemned the violence at a white supremacist event in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend and also criticised President Donald Trump for saying that the hatred and violence came from “many sides”.

MPs slam Labour over anti-Semitism

The British Labour Party has been accused of “demonstrable incompetence” in addressing anti-Semitism in a stinging report by a cross-party group of MPs.

Lord quits over Corbyn re-election

Re-elected Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn insisted that Labour was united in tackling anti-Semitism as a senior peer member quit the party, claiming the leader was surrounded by allies who were “hostile to Jews”.

Swastikas daubed in Bondi

Police are appealing for witnesses after 15 swastikas drawn in permanent black marker were located on Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach, on Tuesday (August 9).

Israeli Lebanese Rio

Lebanese delegation refuses to ride bus with Israeli Olympians

Lebanese Olympians refused to ride on a bus with Israeli athletes to get to the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 summer games.