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Saving hearts with healing hands

Dr Yayehyirad (Yayu) Mekonnen Ejigu will become Ethiopia’s first fully-trained paediatric heart surgeon – and with the assistance of the Israeli organisation, Save a Child’s Heart, and Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital, he is set to achieve his dream. Rebecca Davis reports.

Israeli paediatricians train at RCH

TWO Israeli paediatricians have received specialised training at the Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne which they will apply in their medical work on their return to Israel.

Australia, Israel in paediatrics parley

RESEARCHERS from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem will meet in Melbourne next week for the first major paediatric research symposium organised by AUSiMED, a medical research initiative between Australia and Israel.

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Hospital haven for parents

THE generosity of a pair of communal donors has given Jewish parents a chance to ease the emotional burdens of having sick children in hospital by remaining close by.