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Uncle Jacques and the end of Jewish life in Europe

LET me tell you about antisemitism in Europe and my Uncle Jacques, writes Sam Lipski.

Bob Hawke: From a love affair to ‘just friends’

AUSTRALIAN Jews and the State of Israel owe Bob Hawke a great deal, writes Sam Lipski.

Netanyahu’s deal with the devil

Kahanism, with all its despicable racism and hatred, has resurfaced from the gutters of Israeli politics into the mainstream of pre-election debate.

Hands up if you were born here

Just as the great transforming feature of Australian history since 1945 has been the immigration story, so it’s been for Australian Jewry.

UN Partition Resolution – a day we should celebrate

UN Resolution 181 which, on November 29, 1947, called for Palestine's partition into Arab and Jewish states, provided the legal basis for Israel's establishment six months later.

Billion dollar donation

BUSINESSMAN Anthony Pratt has pledged to give away an unprecedented $1 billion to charity before he dies.

Refuseniks book scores PM’s award

A book chronicling the landmark campaign by Australia, and notably the Jewish community, to help free Jews from the Soviet Union, has won a major prize.

Refusenik campaign recalled

A NEW book relating Australia’s campaign to free Soviet Jewish refuseniks has shown what “a very significant middle power” could achieve, according to commentator, author and journalist Greg Sheridan.

A must-read book

A NEW book chronicling the unique Australian perspective of the heroic struggle for the rights of Soviet Jewry “should be required reading” for Jewish studies students at every Australian Jewish […]

Refusenik campaign recalled

A BOOK chronicling the marathon Australian campaign to free Soviet Jewry – which reveals previously undisclosed details from behind the scenes – will be launched this month.