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The Laramie Projects revived

Two powerful plays tracing the evolution of a small American town in response to a murderous act of hate opened at the Seymour Centre last night, reports Sophie Deutsch.

‘What unchecked hatred can breed’

Remaining vigilant against a concerning backdrop of rising antisemitism, most noticeably in the wake of the recent attack in Pittsburgh, was a pertinent message highlighted at last week's 80th commemoration for Kristallnacht held at the Great Synagogue.

Fabulous festival for all

TO mark its final and cumulative 75th anniversary celebration, Moriah College is hosting a fun-filled event boasting all the traditional trimmings of a family-friendly festival – rides, music and entertainment, engaging student performances, face-painting, delicious street food, street dancers, community and retail stalls, a raffle and more this Sunday.

Mandela’s story a musical triumph

With 2018 marking the centenary of the birth of Nelson Mandela, there may be no finer way to honour South Africa's anti-apartheid revolutionary - and a defining symbol of reconciliation - than through an inspiring, soul-stirring production. Sophie Deutsch speaks to Jewish author and composer Jean-Pierre Hadida about Madiba the Musical, which opened in Sydney last Thursday.

Art with a heart wins award

Come out, come out, where ever you - a breathtaking sculpture of four critically endangered species - are by Gillie and Marc Schattner, was admired by hoards of crowds, culminating in the monumental public art doyens winning the 2018 Allen's Peoples Choice Award for Sculptures by the Sea.

Victim known to SA rabbi

ADELAIDE Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky’s said that her friend Daniel Leger, who was critically injured during Saturday's hate-fuelled tragedy, is "essentially the rabbi for Dor Hadash" - a reconstructionist congregation that frequently holds services at Tree of Life synagogue.

Sydney shules show solidarity

AS Pittsburgh faces its darkest days following the worst antisemitic attack in American history, Jewish communities around Australia are paying heartfelt tributes to the victims, their loved ones and the broader Pittsburgh community.

Students knuckle down for HSC exams

An ambitious 15-year-old Masada College student, Brad Neimann, is one of 69,383 students expected to complete their Higher School Certificate (HSC) this spring.

Tribute with ‘respect and absolute love’

WHEN Yaron Hallis was eleven-years-old, he was sifting through vintage records at a flee market when he came across one particular record that ignited his interest – it was an album by Leonard Cohen, who happened to have the same name as his father.

Moriah raises the fiddler roof

THREE generations of the same family, a former Olympian baseball player and his son, and many others in the Moriah College village unite to make a home for an iconic musical steeped in tradition, topped with a fiddler precariously perched on the roof, strumming familiar tunes. The doors to the production open this Sunday night, Sophie Deutsch reports.