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What to do after the market mayhem

by Roger Balch Although the natural reaction upon seeing headlines like “As of lunchtime November 21 the ASX had wiped out two years of gains” (in the AFR) is to

Reasons to be cautiously optimistic

by Scott Haslem 2018 has been a challenging year for investors. After strong growth and a pick-up in inflation in the first half of 2018, growth became less synchronised and slowed […]

What to do when cracks appear

By Jill Nes Stocks Rout Slams Asia After US Slide” “Asia Stocks Lost $5 Trillion This Year With No End in Sight” “Hong Kong’s Worst Run of Monthly Losses Since […]

Quick ways to diversify your portfolio

By ADAM SPICER The US Federal Reserve dropped its interest rates to zero in the aftermath of the financial crisis some 10 years ago as it tried to jump-start the […]

How to construct your late-cycle investment portfolio

By Scott Haslem The years since the global financial crisis have been good for markets. A wave of stimulus from the world’s central banks has underpinned a significant period of […]

How to invest like the professionals in volatile markets

AUSTRALIAN investors have legitimate cause to be nervous amid escalating volatility on equity and other financial markets, heightened geopolitical tensions, a falling residential property market and rising US economic concerns.

The Dawn of the Solar Age – Part 3

Peter Lynch – To briefly recap, in Part 1, I stated that the world is currently in the midst of an historic paradigm shift in the area of energy. The world is moving from an antiquated, inefficient centralised energy system to a renewable powered, de-centralised, flexible and resilient system.