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OrCam’s eye-opening high-tech arrival in Australia

Blind or vision impaired Australians now have access to the world’s most advanced wearable assistive vision technology, produced by Israeli firm Orcam.

Israeli tech aids Thai cave rescue

Technology powering the Thai cave rescue was provided for free, because the Israeli man who developed it wanted to act "Jewish."

25 hours of tech-free bliss

As the power of technology to communicate and inform is equalled by its capacity to distract and disrupt, only an obligation to fully switch off allows me to truly switch on.

Israel’s finest in Oz

One of the largest Israeli business delegations to ever set foot on Australian soil arrived in Sydney on Tuesday, featuring companies making revolutionary advances in the water, energy and cyber industries.

Agri-food mission accomplished

Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce’s inaugural Australian agri-food mission to Israel has born fruit, with delegation members "blown away" by what they saw.

Building business bridges

A who's who of Israeli business leaders in fin-tech, cybersecurity, agri-tech and impact investment gathered at The Bridge Summit in Sydney this week.