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Resilience in the face of adversity

Hope has been as fundamental to Israel’s survival as our most sophisticated defence systems, writes Rebecca Davis.

‘Our prayers go out to you’

IN an unprecedented move, New Zealand's only Jewish school was closed on Monday while all shule services were cancelled over the weekend in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attack.

JBOD launches Christchurch crowdfunding campaign

THE New Zealand mosque massacres prompted the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (JBOD) to launch a crowd-funding campaign in support of the Muslim community in Christchurch.

Can dealmaker make the ultimate deal?

Did Donald Trump’s whistlestop trip to the region actually achieve anything or was it simply a chance for him to escape the whirlwind of hostile headlines back home and bask in the adoration that a president usually expects during the honeymoon period following his inauguration?

IDF soldier jailed for killing terrorist

One of Israel’s most controversial court cases ended on Tuesday with an 18-month sentence for an army medic.

Haifa shooting

Haifa shooting was terror attack

His girlfriend teased him that he was a “Jew lover”. Shortly afterwards, Mahmoud Shinawi proved that he wasn’t – by going on a shooting spree against residents of his own city, Haifa.

Israel in mourning as terror returns

Four Israeli families have found themselves sitting shiva this week, after a Palestinian man slammed a truck in to their loved ones on Sunday.


Two killed in latest terror attack

Terrorism reared its ugly head once again in Jerusalem this week – and two families are mourning their loved ones as a result.


Upsurge in terror

Terrorists have been renewing attacks, keen to convince citizens of Israel that a year on, they still can’t breathe easy.

light rail bombing foiled

Jerusalem light rail bombing foiled

A 21-year-old Palestinian civil engineering student from Hebron University attempted to carry out a mass-casualty bombing attack on Jerusalem last month.