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Funny business

From US President Donald Trump’s brain, to Brexit, to the carry-on in Canberra, popular British comedian Andy Zaltzman has a load of laughs in store for local audiences.

‘UN’s Israel-bashing days are over’

United Nations Security Council ambassador Nikki Haley said that the Trump administration will not allow a repeat of last year’s UN resolution condemning Israel for its settlements.

Trump or Clinton

“The question of whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be better for Israel comes down to the question of what Israel wants from the US.” That is the view of Michael Singh, managing director of the Washington Institute and former senior White House official, who addressed the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies’ (JBOD) AGM on August 16.


Singh: Trump or Clinton?

Hear Michael Singh from the Washington Institute discuss Trump vs Clinton: Implications for Israel at the next JBOD AGM on August 16.