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Dancing for joy

ARRIVING in Jerusalem late last year, Paula Abdul wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Having traversed the globe as a hit recording artist and now as a judge on TV’s

Doctor Who’s Jewish roots

FROM Gallifrey to Gameworld Gamma and from the Library to the Lost Moon of Poosh, whether you’re a Cyberman, a Silurian or a Sontaran, this weekend throughout the entire Whoniverse, […]

Crime buster with style

GLAMOROUS detective Phryne Fisher is the talk of Melbourne in the 1920s as she tackles a crime wave in the new 13-part ABC TV series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, which […]

Shalom to Israel’s David Brent!

HE’S never met Ricky Gervais. He’s never been to Slough. And he didn’t even watch a full episode of The Office before stepping into the shoes of the most obnoxious […]

Actor shines in drama series

ACTOR Richard Cawthorne has been nominated for an acting award for his role in the TV drama series Killing Time, which is based on lawyer Andrew Fraser’s life in the […]