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‘Extradite Leifer’ pleads voter

THE ongoing saga surrounding attempts to extradite Malka Leifer has impacted on the Israeli election, for one Australian oleh at least.

Jerusalem synagogue trashed

In what may be one of the ugliest expressions of Israel's secular-religious tensions, a synagogue has been found desecrated, with the prayer hall trashed and Torah scrolls thrown on the floor.

Shabbat compromise saves Netanyahu from coalition crisis

Israeli ministers are breathing a collective sigh of relief, after they averted a coalition crisis and a flare in tensions with the country's Charedim.

The Israeli election: A guide for the perplexed

Political consultant Jodie Cohen explains who’s who and what’s what in the upcoming election. EARLY elections were called when the coalition government, led by Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, collapsed after

Labour rules itself out of coalition…

ISRAEL’s main centre-left party, Labour, will refuse to join a Benjamin Netanyahu-led government after the election, its leader has declared.