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Violence flares on Temple Mount

Tensions in Jerusalem rose sharply on Tuesday, after violent Palestinian protests on the Temple Mount involved a firebomb attack on an Israel police post.

Iran fuels further violence at Israel-Gaza border

Palestinians came out in force for the latest gathering as it marked the 51st anniversary of Israel's success in the Six-Day War and the Iranian-instituted Quds Day.

Violence escalates following protest deaths

Palestinian anger has reached a new high over the past few days, after a wheelchair-bound protester was killed during clashes with Israeli security forces.


Communal groups unite to protect our children

Abuse, neglect and family violence have a devastating impact on the lives of children, and the trauma that results from their experiences can continue to shatter their lives long after the abuse itself has stopped.

Anti-Semitic attack in Melbourne

A JEWISH man was injured when he was punched in the neck and called a “f***ing Jew” on the corner of Carlisle and Hotham streets while walking home from shul after Shabbat on October 31.

British pros coach Israelis in tolerance

ITZIK Shanan and Abbas Suan watched last week as 100,000 English soccer fans at London’s Wembley Stadium sang along to an operatic rendition of Abide With Me, a Christian hymn that has become something of a soccer anthem.