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The high flying Jewish Anzac

The dramatic true story of Cyril Borsht’s experiences as a Lancaster bomber pilot on dangerous missions over Nazi-occupied Europe is just one of hundreds included in Mark Dapin’s landmark book Jewish Anzacs.

UN files show Allies aware of Shoah by ‘42

Newly released documents have revealed that the Allied Powers were well aware of the Holocaust at least two and a half years earlier than commonly thought.

Honouring those lost at sea

A FUNDRAISING campaign has been launched by the Dunera Association to build a sculpture which will honour Jewish and non-Jewish victims of several ships lost at sea after they were attacked by the German navy during World War II.

Speaking for millions who perished

Guta Goldstein, an Auschwitz survivor from Melbourne, has been touring New Zealand to share her harrowing story with thousands of students.

The Aussie who saved Shimon Peres’ dad from the Nazis

IN the middle of World War II, Yitzhak Peres, the father of Israel’s immediate past president Shimon Peres, having enlisted with the British army, was captured by the Nazis. However, they didn’t know he was Jewish and thought he was a soldier from New Zealand.

Szubanski’s serious side

ACTRESS Magda Szubanski will tell harrowing and inspiring tales of her family’s plight during World War II when she addresses a Courage to Care function next week.

Stamp of approval for Wallenberg

A MASS-circulation Australian postage stamp honouring Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who rescued tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews in the final months of World War II, is set to be issued next month, after a long personal campaign by Judi Schiff of Melbourne.

Paying tribute to the Agia Zoni

On the eve of World War II, 459 Jewish refugees escaped Europe for Palestine on a ship called the Agia Zoni. The history of the voyage is not well-known; however, the Australian grandsons of two of its organisers aim to change that. Gareth Narunsky reports:

An appeal from florida

THE son of an American serviceman who spent a week in Sydney during World War II is seeking information about members of the local Jewish community that his father encountered.

Wallenberg stamp gets green light

AUSTRALIA’S only honorary citizen, Raoul Wallenberg, will be recognised with a postage stamp.