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Bibi incurs wrath of Rivlin and Wonder Woman

Benjamin Netanyahu is under attack from both Israel’s President and Wonder Woman for insulting Arab citizens.

Bibi to be indicted

Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting for his political survival, in the throes of his biggest crisis since he came to power, after Israel’s top lawyer announced plans to indict him.

Gantz and Lapid unite to form Blue and White

At the last moment possible according to election rules, the parties of former military Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and popular politician Yair Lapid have decided to run together.

Israel Police call for Netanyahu indictment

Benjamin Netanyahu should face trial for securing better press in return for political favours, Israel Police has recommended.

Israel shares Pittsburgh’s pain

Israel's Diaspora Minister flew to Pittsburgh hours after the deadly attack at the Tree of Life synagogue and told locals, "Our whole nation is feeling the pain you are feeling."

Arabs protest in Tel Aviv

Thousands of Israeli Arabs, some waving Palestinian flags, gathered in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square last Saturday evening to protest the recent passage of Israel's nation-state bill enshrining the state's Jewish character.

Poland backtracks on Holocaust law

Benjamin Netanyahu said that by securing the Polish concession, his team "upheld our prime duty to ensure the historic truth about the Holocaust."

Last minute deal saves Bibi’s coalition

The Israeli government has averted early elections, by cutting a deal to bring a coalition crisis to an end.

Police: Enough evidence to charge Bibi

After months of rumours and leaks, investigations against Benjamin Netanyahu have reached a crescendo, and police have concluded there is enough evidence to indict him.

New Polish Shoah legislation slammed

Israelis say that the parliament in Warsaw has no right to prescribe prison sentences for people who suggest that Poland bore responsibility for the Holocaust – and top scholars share their dismay.