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Resilience in the face of adversity

Hope has been as fundamental to Israel’s survival as our most sophisticated defence systems, writes Rebecca Davis.

Pride and prejudice: Israel at 70

It has not been easy and will continue not to be, but as we reflect on our future, we must never forget the words of David Ben-Gurion "In Israel, in order to be a realist you have to believe in miracles."

Solar expert to shine for shule

Israeli solar power pioneer Yosef "Yossi" Abramowitz has charted a life journey from teaching values to living them.

Melbourne parties for Israel

YOM Ha’atzmaut celebrations are always a highlight of the calendar, with Zionism Victoria hosting various events to unite the community in showing solidarity for the Jewish State.

Happy birthday, Israel!

DESPITE the gloomy weather, the Sydney Jewish community came out in force on Sunday to celebrate Israel’s 68th birthday.

Teetotaller toast to Israel

AS Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland and other distinguished guests watched on, Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu (pictured) spoke highly of the work of the Community Security Group (CSG).