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Morrison’s imperfect but praiseworthy Jerusalem move

Although the Prime Minister limited his recognition to West Jerusalem, he did not conclude that part or all of East Jerusalem would necessarily be the capital of a future Palestinian state.

Gen17 findings: Committed to Israel, unbowed by anti-Semitism

There is clearly room for our community to get better at reporting public anti-Semitic discourse, especially online. Complaints should be directed to the ECAJ and state roof bodies and communal security groups.

Learning a valuable lesson from IKEA

Why the Netanya branch of flatpack furniture giant IKEA, which has its own shule, is a metaphor for the Jewish State.

Western Wall

Bibi blasted for ‘betraying’ Jewish unity

THE government in Jerusalem is being accused of sabotaging the Israel–Diaspora relationship, after it suspended plans for a grand mixed-gender prayer gallery at the Western Wall.

Opposites tackle peace puzzle

TWO high profile Israeli guests from opposite sides of the political spectrum will tackle the question ‘One State or Two States?’

Livingstone ruling ‘shames’ Labour Party

In a ruling that has sparked outrage within both the UK Jewish community and the British Labour Party, former Labour mayor of London Ken Livingstone was suspended rather than expelled from his party, having been found guilt of bringing it into a state of disrepute.

Silbert’s unique uni honour

Stuart Silbert last week became the only Australian this year to be awarded an honorary doctorate from the Hebrew University. (HU) The Perth-based solicitor accepted the degree during the university’s 79th annual Board of Governors meeting in Jerusalem.

Electronic Intifada founder gets visa

A PALESTINIAN American journalist who says ,“The two-state solution as typically expressed is no more than a last-ditch plan to save Zionism” is set to visit Australia next week where he will address a number of public events.

Uni sorry for prof’s blog

A WEST Australian university has apologised to the Jewish Community Council of Western Australia (JCCWA) over an article by one of its academics, berating Israel.

Reclaiming human rights for the right

MANY Israelis complain that human rights advocacy has become synonymous with criticising their country. Yoaz Hendel decided to take action. Just over a year ago, he set up Blue and