Taking the helm of BJE

Sara Ratner with her daughter Hannah.

SARA Ratner has been appointed the new chief executive officer (CEO) of the NSW Board of Jewish Education (BJE).

Ratner, who has taken over from former joint CEOs Rachele Schonberger and Robert Greenfield, said she is excited about the new role.

“I am delighted to work with [BJE president] Dr Gil Davis and the board to take on this exciting new role,” she said.

“It’s not easy when a child is one of three or four Jewish children in a school.

“In public schools across NSW it can take courage for our children to be true to their Jewish heritage and I am passionate about the pivotal role that BJE plays in nurturing and educating our children wherever they may live or go to school.”

Among Ratner’s new duties, she will be overseeing a review of current practice in BJE’s programming.

“I am eager to draw upon current best practice in education to create dynamic, engaging learning experiences for our children.

”We aim to instil a strong sense of yiddishkeit in them but also to ensure that they feel like a cherished and valued member of our Jewish community no matter which school they go to.”

This is an important year for BJE.

It is preparing to launch new Hebrew and extension programs as well as a camp for year 7 and 8 Hebrew language students from non-Jewish schools.

Meanwhile, the Israel program for year 10 students from non-Jewish day schools has seen record numbers register their interest and will see more than 60 participants travel to Israel at the end of the year.

“It’s been a wonderful journey for me,” said outgoing CEO  Schonberger, who established the Emet Israel Program and benchmarked all BJE curriculum to above industry standards during her tenure.

“I believe I have contributed to a strong and sustainable organisation that educates thousands of students in public schools in NSW and I am sure that the organisation will continue to go from strength to strength.”