Teen to be charged over Aisha Rabi death

Police enter the study hall of the Pri Haaretz Yeshivah high school in the West Bank settlement of Rehelim on January 9. Photo: Honenu/Elishuv Har-Shalom

A JEWISH youngster is to be charged in Israel for killing a Palestinian woman in a stoning attack.

The suspect, who cannot be named, appeared in court on Tuesday, when state lawyers filed a prosecutor’s statement. “In the coming days, the prosecution intends to file an indictment against the suspect,” police announced afterwards.

There were furious protests by some right-wing Israelis in recent weeks as several yeshivah students were detained in connection with the October death of Aisha Rabi.

Her family claimed immediately at the time that it was a nationalistically driven attack by Jewish extremists, and Israeli authorities have been investigating it as a case of suspected Jewish terror.

Police last week raided the Pri Haaretz Yeshivah in the West Bank Rehelim settlement, which the teens attend, and summoned 80 students for questioning.

The youngster who is set to be charged has remained in custody even as others were freed. Police, facing a barrage of criticism from rightist activists, stressed when announcing the intention to press charges, that they reached their conclusion at the end of a “complex and thorough investigation which included a wide range of investigative activities in order to find the facts and findings”.

But Honenu, a right-wing group that is providing legal representation for youngsters who have been interrogated is crying foul, claiming that investigators used harsh tactics that break rules to get them to talk.

“The manner of this investigation is, in my opinion, not legal,” Honenu’s lawyer Adi Kedar told The AJN.