Yeshiva and Kesser finally mend fences

Rabbi Pinchus Feldman.

KESSER Torah College (KTC) and the Yeshiva Centre are at peace for the first time in more than eight years.

Last week, the ongoing legal proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW were dismissed upon the request of both parties.

They have now released a joint statement to open a new chapter of goodwill and respect between Sydney’s largest Chabad institutions.

“KTC recognises the immense contribution that The Yeshiva Centre and the Chabad movement have made for Sydney Jewry over the last 40 years under the inspired leadership of Rabbi Pinchus and Rebbetzin Pnina Feldman,” the statement – co-signed by Yeshiva spiritual leader Rabbi Pinchus Feldman and Kesser Torah College president Meir Moss – said.

“The Yeshiva Centre acknowledges and pays tribute to the hard work and commitment of the management of Kesser Torah College for the last eight years in keeping the school operational.

“The parties have agreed to leave all outstanding grievances in the past and to move forward in a spirit of friendship.”

The representatives of both sides said they were grateful to Rabbi Yosef Feldman and Rabbi Michoel Gourarie for their tireless efforts over an extended period in facilitating this peace agreement.

The AJN understands that the dispute began when Yeshiva College’s property in Dover Heights – now the site of fellow Orthodox Jewish school KTC – was given to Blake Napier Limited in 2003. Part of the agreement included Blake Napier Limited, which helped found KTC, paying the outstanding tax bill.

However, it is believed there was a condition that Rabbi Pinchus Feldman not set up a new Jewish school, in a bid to give KTC a chance to grow.

The AJN understands the dispute revolved around the establishment of Yeshiva College, Bondi, which was registered in 2007.

Both parties have now agreed to put their differences behind them and work together for the good of the community.


Rabbi Pinchus Feldman.