Yeshivah interim leaders leave … and then return

The Yeshivah Centre.

LESS than one month after Yeshivah’s Interim Committee of Management (ICOM) ended its term more than half of its members have returned to lead Yeshivah.

In July last year, when almost all members of Yeshivah’s previous Committee of Management resigned following the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the ICOM was appointed “to govern the immediate affairs of Yeshivah Centre until the end of 2015” by the trustees of Yeshivah.

Throughout their term the ICOM reiterated that they would only remain in place until the end of 2015, and in December stated that they had arrived at the end of their term.

“We thank you for your support in this process and we wish the community and the new board much success in taking the Yeshivah Centre further forward,” the ICOM said.

But in a surprising email to the community this week, five members of the ICOM have resumed their role only weeks after the letter thanking the community.

“We are pleased to announce that Mrs Leah Balter, Mr Yechiel Belfer, Mr Yossi Frank, Mr Shmuel Goldberg and Mr Rafi Goodman have all agreed to remain as members of the (ICOM) while we transition to the new structure. Mr Joel Gerschman, Mr Craig Goldberg and Mr Meir Moss will continue to offer their support and assistance to the ICOM,” the trustees said.

The AJN understands the ICOM has returned because the Governance Review Panel (GRP), which was meant to propose a new constitution in 2015, failed to meet the deadline.

The trustees, who also told The AJN that they would step down at the end of last year, will also remain in place until the GRP completes its job and a new constitution is implemented. “The draft proposed structures, together with an explanatory summary, will be made available to the community for comment in the coming days,” the trustees told the community.

The AJN understands that the Yeshivah community will then have three weeks to respond to the proposed structure and constitution, but it will be up to the trustees to decide if the constitution is implemented or rejected.