The First Children

Jared Kushner, an Orthodox Jew and grandson of Holocaust survivors who arrived in America in 1949, is to be Trump’s senior White House adviser.

Teenager left wounded after callous attack

A 16-year-old boy from the community is recovering after he and three friends were caught up in a frightening attack on Jasper Road in Bentleigh last Thursday night (January 12).

Magazine defends Holocaust cover

The Spectator Australia has defended a decision to publish on its cover an illustration of a death camp prisoner with a tattoo on their arm after it was described this week as “disturbing” and “deeply insulting”.

A tale of two Trumps

ISRAELIS have never before been faced with such conflicting predictions about who will be sitting in the Oval Office.

Mayor’s cold shoulder to shul

Mosman Mayor Peter Abelson declined an invitation to attend a service at The Great Synagogue, citing Israel’s “gross and illegal” occupation of the West Bank.

Netanyahu: A ‘useless conference’

WHEN 70 countries assembled in Paris to talk Middle East peace on Sunday, there was one notable absence: Israel.

Australian Open

Ready . . . set . . . tennis!

The 2017 Australian Open kicked off in style on January 16 with several Jewish tennis players making it into the second round.

Paris conference an ‘empty exercise’

An overhyped talkfest – that is the consensus among Jewish leaders in Australia about the January 15 peace conference in Paris.

Tasmania’s triple treat

BEFORE December 2016, the last time Launceston Synagogue celebrated a bar mitzvah was almost a decade ago.

Have the courage to care

Filming began today on Courage to Care’s most ambitious initiative to date - to create audio-visual recordings of 24 Holocaust survivors sharing their stories.