The Weinstein factor – a catalyst for real change?

As details have emerged of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged behaviour over the decades, one is left asking how, in this age of the ever-present smart phone, has one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets evaded the spotlight?

SSM: Rabbis can’t pick and choose parts of the Torah

If rabbis want to rely on the Torah to define marriage, they must push for polygamy to be legalised, writes Eli Fisher.

Ad nauseam

We recognise that Michael Danby is an Australian Jewish institution, and we fully appreciate that, whatever our differences, as a community we have been enriched by his presence and his service.

Expanding the definition of ‘us’

Purposeful and productive debate is based on strong fact-based content and sound argument; not vilification or ridicule, hate speech or plain nastiness dressed up in sarcasm.

Jewish values compel me to vote Yes

As Jews, we have been painted as villains and deviants using caricature, falsehood, and manipulation of societal fears by those who see us as second-class citizens. We should not stand by when this is done to others or to the LGBTIQ+ Jews amongst us.

Anti-SSM ad riddled with inaccuracies

LAST week in The AJN there was a full-page colour advertisement, authorised by Paul Monagle of the Australian Family Association. This advertisement is a scare tactic deliberately designed to stop

Selective outrage and double standards

SELECTIVE outrage is nothing new in the Australian Jewish community, but it’s been blatantly obvious like never before in the last month. First there was the now infamous case of […]

Brawling, bickering and backstabbing

THE latest series of Game of Thrones may have come to an end but for fans of intrigue, in-fighting and general jockeying for power, our own Jewish community is serving […]

Does section 44 affect Jewish MPs?

THE number of Parliamentarians ensnared by the disqualification provisions of section 44(i) of the Australian Constitution is growing by the day. 

A place in Jerusalem to call home

HE arrived in Jerusalem minutes before, on his first visit to the Holy Land. Before him lay the majestic beauty of the Old City, on a bright summer morning, and the promise of an exciting day ahead.