‘Our converts are as kosher as yours’

HOSE in the position of authority must represent their constituents in accordance with applicable legal and ethical requirements. If that is not happening questions have to be asked and solutions have to be found. 

Unsavoury bedfellows

WHEN did the world turn upside down? This Sunday, Neil Erikson, who in 2014 pleaded guilty to making racist phone calls to Melbourne’s Rabbi Dovid Gutnick, was due to rally alongside Jewish activist Avi Yemini in Sydney to demonstrate against the court ruling on the FREE shule in Bondi.

Bondi shule – setting the record straight

After 11 long years the Russian Jewish community in Bondi was frustrated by the lack of progress when it came to building their new synagogue.

Symbolism vs statehood

FORMER US Middle East peace envoy Dennis Ross recently observed that “the Palestinian national movement more than anything else has a preoccupation with symbols. Instead of building a state, the Palestinians would like to get a flag at the UN. The day after they get a flag at the UN, nothing changes.”

How to win the war for Israel

AS a famous Jewish broadcaster might have said, let’s tell it like it is. The war for Israel is being lost. It’s being lost in branch meetings and conferences and membership numbers and political parties across the world; it’s being lost on cable news and in university classrooms and in Facebook threads and on Twitter posts and in arguments around a million tables in a million cities.

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Self-righteous and smug

WITH the University of Sydney set to host a major pro-BDS conference next Thursday and Friday and the NSW Labor Conference set to vote on supporting unconditional recognition of a Palestinian state as a matter of policy next weekend, the coming days will be watched with concern by members of the mainstream Jewish community.

Bob Carr Israel

Bob-sessive compulsive distorter

Bob Carr’s attacks on Israel and silence on China highlight his hypocrisy, writes Labor MP Michael Danby.

Bibi’s folly and Jewish unity

THE Israeli government apparently failed in its move to divide the Jewish people last week, writes Rabbi Fred Morgan.

Time for Rabbi Milecki to leave

Rabbi Milecki must realise that for the shule to survive, if it can, he must leave the congregation.

No less loved in the eyes of God

THE saddest part about the uproar which plagued Rabbi Steven Greenberg’s recent Australian visit was that the substance of conversation that so desperately needs to be had within the heart of the Orthodox community never really got off the ground, writes Rabbi Yaakov Glasman.