No less loved in the eyes of God

THE saddest part about the uproar which plagued Rabbi Steven Greenberg’s recent Australian visit was that the substance of conversation that so desperately needs to be had within the heart of the Orthodox community never really got off the ground, writes Rabbi Yaakov Glasman.


Corbyn on the verge of becoming the UK’s next PM

The politician who talked about his “friends” from Hamas and Hezbollah and attended a wreath laying at the grave of a Palestinian terrorist didn’t quite manage to become Britain’s Prime Minister, writes Nathan Jeffay. But he came astonishingly close.

Calls for Israeli withdrawal are naive

I had the pleasure of watching the the Israeli–Palestinian AFL team play and enjoyed the camaraderie among the players. If only that could be replicated on a national scale. But what stands in the way is reality.

Time to end the occupation

FIFTY years ago, Israel braced itself for war. Egypt, Jordan and Syria surrounded the country and proclaimed Israel’s imminent destruction. But Israel struck first, delivering a fatal blow to Egypt’s air force within hours of the war beginning.

Can one play Wagner with a clear conscience?

Can a composer who died in 1883 – six years before Hitler was born – be damningly identified with his country’s genocide of the Jewish people? writes Vic Alhadeff.

Rozana offers vision of peace

The Middle East is littered with well-intentioned proposals to end the long-running dispute between Israel and the Palestinians.

Israel and its first peoples, the Jews, are not the problem

BENJAMIN Netanyahu’s visit to Australia was significant, both historically - the first visit by an Israeli Prime Minister – and for the future Australia-Israel relationship.

Humanity shines through

THESSALONIKI and Zakynthos are not names which automatically spring to mind when discussing the Holocaust. Particularly as the majority of survivors who made a home in Australia in the aftermath of the Shoah originated in Eastern Europe.

Standing up to the UN

For most Diaspora communities, simply having their nation’s PM pay a visit to a shul would be cause enough for pride. But for said PM to then cast all formality

From Cable Street to Caulfield

Eighty years ago last month, the Jewish residents of London’s East End joined forces with communists, socialists and other anti-fascist groups to face off against a march through the district led […]