60 Minutes: playing fast and loose with the facts

This brand of salacious journalism, infuriatingly common across mainstream media outlets is sloppy at best, and irresponsible and hatemongering at worst.

Netta: Not a toy or a political football

Netta Barzilai not only defeated 42 other entrants at Eurovision 2018, she defeated global antipathy to Israel to win the competition. And the community rode a wave of emotions with her, cheering as she declared, "I love my country. Next time in Jerusalem".

Embassy location: Australia is on the wrong side of history

The Zionist Federation of Australia trusts that our great nation will reaffirm its strong historical commitment to the State of Israel, its sovereignty and to our common democratic values by following the lead of the United States and announcing its intention to relocate our Embassy to Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem.

Bibi’s revelations highlighted Iran deal’s failings

Continuing with the status quo would have led to a future Iranian nuclear problem likely to be much more dangerous and destabilising than even the current crisis over Korea.

Festival session a parody masquerading as debate

No-one suggests every political session at the SWF need comprise an equal number of protagonists advocating competing perspectives; but surely the integrity of the festival demands what on any objective analysis should be a reasonable measure of balance.

In solidarity with Sderot

Several months ago, I was approached to join a nascent organisation, the Australian Friends of Sderot (AFOS). AFOS is tasked with raising funds for Sderot and in particular the Hesder Yeshivah, an institution geographically and culturally central to Sderot.

Warsaw Ghetto uprising: From resistance to independence

When I think of these brave men, women and children who, almost entirely unaided by the world, took up arms and fought for their lives, I think of how proud they would have been had they survived to see the State of Israel flourish.

It’s never too late to right a wrong

John Monash of Jerilderie and Melbourne did not receive one Australian Government award after his brilliant contribution as our best citizen general in helping to win World War One, not one!

Pride and prejudice: Israel at 70

It has not been easy and will continue not to be, but as we reflect on our future, we must never forget the words of David Ben-Gurion "In Israel, in order to be a realist you have to believe in miracles."

Gen17 findings: Committed to Israel, unbowed by anti-Semitism

There is clearly room for our community to get better at reporting public anti-Semitic discourse, especially online. Complaints should be directed to the ECAJ and state roof bodies and communal security groups.