A plea for tolerance from all sides

The left should be cognisant of its rigidity when it comes to imposing rules that attempt to include but inevitably alienate, and the right should trust in the resilience of the community to change.

The tragic legacy of the Anschluss

I was born on February 11, 1938, in Vienna. Barely one month later, on March 12, 1938, Nazi Germany invaded Austria and within hours Hitler had proclaimed the Anschluss.

‘Tikkun olam’ is simply not enough for Jewish identity

We need a Jewish identity that includes the wisdom of Jewish learning and the beauty of Jewish practice, that sees the world and our place in it through a Jewish lens.

Ben-David: The existential threat is gone

A sober look at the emerging new Middle East shows that Israel has an unprecedented opportunity to secure its future way beyond the next 70 years.

Roger Waters and BDS: Toxic waters go unchallenged

Roger Waters embarked on a rant that has shocked and offended many within the music industry with its open hatred, bigotry and homophobia.

Israel’s refugee policy ‘an affront to our history and values’

There are currently around 38,000 people seeking asylum in Israel, mainly from Sudan and Eritrea. Some have submitted applications to be recognised as refugees under the UN Convention, but few applications have even been considered and only a small number accepted.

A blow to all who cherish historical truth

Poland has enacted a problematic law, the international community has been shamefully quiet, and Israeli diplomacy failed when it was needed.

US vs UNRWA: When is a refugee not a refugee?

The recent US government decision to reduce its contribution to UNRWA, the UN Relief and Works Agency responsible for "Palestinians refugees" has been presented as spiteful and a threat to the peace process. But is it?

Learning a valuable lesson from IKEA

Why the Netanya branch of flatpack furniture giant IKEA, which has its own shule, is a metaphor for the Jewish State.

Sofer: Challenges remain, but opportunities abound

As I step into the first year of my term here in Australia, I look forward to promoting Israel's strengths and helping to reinforce the burgeoning Australian-Israeli bilateral relationship.