Trade war of political words

The Jewish community is thrilled that the Victorian government has opened a trade office in Israel irrespective of its location.

Section 20D: What went wrong?

It's important now that the community does not give up and that we continue to fight for it (Section 20D) to be amended.

UN Partition Resolution – a day we should celebrate

UN Resolution 181 which, on November 29, 1947, called for Palestine's partition into Arab and Jewish states, provided the legal basis for Israel's establishment six months later.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with survivors

WHEN asked by his students what would happen when there were no survivors left to tell the story, Elie Wiesel replied, “Just think, perhaps you are the only hope I have. Fulfil it.”And in the face of the rampant misuse and trivialisation of the Holocaust, he urged us not only to study history’s darkest chapter, but to do the following, “Listen to the survivors and respect their wounded sensibility. Open yourselves to their scarred memory, and mingle your tears with theirs. Stop insulting the dead.”

Frydenberg and the citizenship crisis

The problem of Members of Parliament with dual citizenship has engulfed the government, which is struggling to maintain focus as it lurches from crisis to crisis.

What if it had been the Donald Declaration?

How would the Balfour Declaration have read if it had been issued by Donald Trump, instead of the British philosopher-turned-politician Arthur Balfour?

Where was the rest of the Jewish world?

IT was a great day for Australians and New Zealanders – but the rest of the Jewish world didn't get the memo.

2017: A year like no other

JOURNALISM is an interesting profession. One day you can be sitting in Parliament House interviewing the Prime Minister and the next you can be listening to a victim of child sexual abuse recounting their harrowing story. And somewhere in between, the focus shifts to kashrut, synagogues, school fees and a host of other topics that have a habit of popping up again and again.

Diary of a Shabbat Project addict

FOR some, the Shabbat Project weekend is a weekend to look forward to as they keep Shabbat already and there is an extra element of excitement and activities to do. For others it is just another weekend and for most hopefully it is a time to get involved in our community no matter your level of observance.

6-12-2012. Uncle Boydie, the grandson of Aboriginal activist William Cooper sought to right history’s wrongs as he embarked on a three-hour walk from Footscray to Melbourne’s CBD to deliver the petition his grandfather wrote, protesting horrors of Kristallnacht. Photos: Lochlan Tangas

Standing up for the Aboriginal community

We are now ready to confront the truth that our wealth as a nation is based on the theft of Aboriginal Land, the murder of Aboriginal people, and the destruction of Aboriginal families, nations and cultures.