Why the president of RCANZ must stand down

THE leading rabbis of Australia have shown a lack of respect for the Australian legal system by ignoring a ruling of three courts and instead focusing on one dissenting opinion, writes Joshua Levi.

Bob Hawke: From a love affair to ‘just friends’

AUSTRALIAN Jews and the State of Israel owe Bob Hawke a great deal, writes Sam Lipski.

Our failure to honour Israel’s fallen

Last Tuesday night our Sydney community marked Yom Hazikaron. I was once again shocked and saddened to see the relatively poor turnout of people to this important annual event, writes Naomi Balkin.

Roger Waters, you do need some education

It seems that when it comes to the Jewish State, Roger Waters lives by the Another Brick in the Wall creed that we don't need no education, writes Uri Butnaru.

Resilience in the face of adversity

Hope has been as fundamental to Israel's survival as our most sophisticated defence systems, writes Rebecca Davis.

Australia through the lens of Godwin’s Law

IN 1990, American lawyer Mike Godwin embarked on an ambitious project. He had become frustrated at gratuitous Nazi comparisons being tossed around in public debate, trivialising Hitler and the Holocaust and offending survivors of the genocide, writes Vic Alhadeff.

‘The brave people who saved my grandma’

LITTLE did my father, Martin Moen, know that a chance visit in 1990 to a Dutch war memorial in Loosdrecht, the Netherlands, would trigger such a significant sequence of events, writes Rebecca Moen.

Yom Hashoah: Memorials and memories

THIS year's theme for the Sydney Yom Hashoah commemoration is "Memorials and Memories". How do we keep history alive in our communities? asks Danny Hochberg.

The double standards of Eurovision boycotters

EVERY year the Eurovision Song Contest sees political feuds and friendships exposed like a Bucks Fizz girl's knickers, writes Richard Ferrer.

‘We need compulsory Holocaust education’

I SOMETIMES wonder what would happen if I walked down any street in our capital cities and did an impromptu quiz with passers-by on their knowledge of the Holocaust, writes Dvir Abramovich.