Walking in William Cooper’s footsteps

This protest was for another mob. He [William Cooper] saw injustices happening to others and had the guts and ability to do something about it.

Ensure each tribe has a place at the table

The ZFA's credibility and influence depends on our ability to truly represent the plurality of views of our affiliates.

Pittsburgh and the responsibilities of the press

It has been humbling in the days since the attack to see the good that my profession can do, in helping people to process, commemorate, and unify.

Antisemitism rising on the right

In the long history of our people, Jews do not tend to do well when nationalist sentiments rise, when borders are sharply drawn and identities are crisply defined. Such times tend to leave us out.

National apology provides sense of vindication

Believe me when I tell you that there are many more victims/survivors from Jewish community institutions than you could imagine.

Mordechai muses on Lodz

Mordechai Glasman is one of just a few child survivors of the Lodz Ghetto. He recently told his harrowing yet hopeful account at the 74th commemoration of the liquidation of Lodz Ghetto held at the Jewish Holocaust Centre. This is his story.

Payne’s painful silence on the Iranian threat

MARISE Payne is the new Foreign Minister of Australia; she will be an even blander version of Julie Bishop. Her first speech to the United Nations was an extremely cautious restatement of the Coalition's foreign policy in her first international platform. As The Australian newspaper editorialised, she lost an opportunity to give real meaning "to Australia's stance on global issues". 

The antisemite leading the British Labour Party

THE list goes on and on. The list of incidents involving Jeremy Corbyn that have aggrieved the British Jewish community.

Living on the border in the shadow of terror

"One thing is for sure, as long as that bomb shelter still has a purpose, that change we want to see in the world will sadly never come." Emily Gian shares her experience of visiting a bomb shelter on Kibbutz Erez, situated very close to the Gaza border.

Living lives in honour of those who perished

WENT to Auschwitz today. When I told friends my plans I pondered the words I used. I couldn't say I was visiting Auschwitz, as you would a famous landmark and I certainly wasn't going to experience Auschwitz.