Hatzolah’s Bondi lifesavers

lifesavers Hatzolah volunteers assist with the rescue of two Indonesian Muslim teenagers at Bondi Beach on August 30.

SIX Jewish volunteer lifesavers from Hatzolah helped save the lives of two Indonesian Muslim teenagers who nearly drowned at Bondi Beach on Tuesday (August 30).

Hatzolah’s Mendy Litzman said his volunteers responded in less than two minutes when the call for help came through after the boys were rescued from the surf by Bondi lifeguards.

“We received the 000 call that patients weren’t breathing and we assisted straight away,” Litzman said.

“We assist everyone regardless of religion, race or gender, and I’m proud that we were able to help the teenagers that were plucked from the surf.”

The two 16-year-olds were part of a group of seven students visiting Sydney.

Hatzolah was established in NSW in 2006.

In 2014, it became one of the first communal and volunteer-based organisations to formally work with paramedics. It was recognised by the NSW Health System as an acceptable first-responder and responds to 000 calls when its volunteers are closest to the scene of an incident.