Magical Miznon in Melbourne

Eyal Shani preparing one of his famous dishes.

THERE is a Miznon restaurant in Paris, there’s one in Vienna and three in Tel Aviv. Lucky number six has found itself a home in Melbourne with the eatery owned by world-renowned Israeli chef Eyal Shani, opening in Hardware Lane last week.

After months of preparation, overseen by Shani himself, the 58-year-old MasterChef Israel host was in town for the launch.

Speaking to The AJN, Shani said there was no better city in the world to welcome the newest addition to the Miznon family.

“The Miznon will be completely different with a lot of influences that I have seen here in Melbourne,” Shani mused.

“On one hand, we will be very wild and elegant. We will be very delicate but singular and pure in our way of thinking.”

Miznon is known for its combination of fine food and funky vibes, and Shani is incredibly proud to bring his creations to Melbourne.

“My cooks are not soldiers. I bring them to a place and ask them to help me create something,” Shani said. “We are taking the best ingredients and creating with the best, original knowledge with the best people and in the end, instead of exposing them to the light of lying above the plates, we are putting them in the darkness of the pita.”

The Israeli chef has a unique way of explaining the magic behind his cooking process.

“The pita must be warm,” Shani said. “It is a genius bread. She has a mind of her own. There is a magical process and the pita is the translator.

“We are going to a whole new place and make a creation that combines an entire city into a pita.”

Shani explained that although the Miznons around the globe have a commonality, they are all individual. “The one in Paris, the one in Vienna, the three in Tel Aviv and now this, the sixth and soon the seventh in New York are each completely different. They each come from a different influence with the same basic menu and local translations.”

The Israeli chef is confident Melburnians will fall in love with the aromas and culture of Miznon.

“The Melbourne people are a part of the menu and will recognise aspects that are very familiar to them but with another point of view that we have put in.”

Miznon is located at 59 Hardware Lane and is open from midday to 11pm every day.