Shtick celebrates 600th episode

Shtick producer and presenter Henry Greener.

ICONIC community TV show The Shtick has just celebrated a milestone – its 600th episode, and as producer Henry Greener observed, it’s nearing its Jewishly significant 613th instalment.

Describing the program as “a showcase of community events, information and entertainment for the Jewish and non-Jewish community, and a valuable resource that provides the wider community with a documented historical link to modern Jewish culture and events”, Greener said it is also “an important portal, considering all the antisemitism and anti-Israel vitriol that unfortunately pervades the mainstream press”. 

Noting the recent spate of antisemitic attacks around the world, “which have squarely put the safety and status of our community in the spotlight”, he said, “we need a positive media presence more than ever.”

He added, “With so many proactive, intelligent, talented, hard-working passionate people in our vibrant community … we have in The Shtick a platform for our community to showcase the best we have to offer.” 

As well as 300 hours of TV shows, Greener reflected that he has 20 years’ worth of videos of events “which capture Jewish life on video for posterity, as a historic document, with the aim to compile, catalogue and archive my work for future generations to be informed, educated, fascinated and entertained”.

With an eye on hitting the “mystical 613” at the end of the year and “June 2020, when C31 will hopefully receive its fifth reprieve, after being slated for closure in 2015”, Greener called on the community to help keep the show on air and online. “We rely on the continued financial support of our generous sponsors, without whom we could not sustain the weekly costs of production, to pay our fantastic editor Amit Rehak and fundraiser Ayelet Bareket, who will be phone canvassing for funding from sponsors and members to keep the show on track well into the future.”

You can watch The Shtick on C31 at 8pm every Sunday, repeats midday on Wednesdays. Google “The Shtick” to watch online anytime, anywhere on any device via YouTube. 

To become a member or sponsor, email [email protected] or call 0419 519 607.