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Lieberman urges Likud–Blue and White coalition

THE politician famous for warning that Israel is headed towards theocracy is saying that the country’s only hope is for a unity government.

From shepherd to policy aide

ISRAEL's first Bedouin diplomat, Ishmael Khaldi, has visited Australia, speaking at an Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council lunch in Melbourne about his journey from being a shepherd to becoming a policy adviser to a senior Israeli minister of state.

‘Israel’s all messed up with their election’

ISRAELIS are incredulous that they will vote again on September 17 – after taking part in elections on April 9. Even in a country of such political turbulence, this is a first, writes Nathan Jeffay.

Government in chaos as campaigning begins

BENJAMIN Netanyahu has kicked off his second election campaign of 2019 by firing two former allies and throwing the government into chaos. 

‘We won’t let Netanyahu be a dictator’

EVEN weeks after Israel's election, the country has been plunged back into uncertainty, and politicians are once again locked in bitter conflict.

Netanyahu avoids early elections

The Gaza violence pushed Israel into the throes of a political crisis, forcing the Prime Minister to pull a rabbit out of a hat in order to avoid early elections.

Gaza ceasefire holds for now

Life on Israel’s southern border is back to normal after last week’s rocket barrage, but Hamas is already threatening to strike again.

US moves to redefine Palestinian refugees

America is preparing to declare that most people deemed Palestinian refugees aren’t actually refugees, according to an Israel Television News report last Saturday.

Hamas and PA clash over Israel talks

Palestinian politics has been turned on its head, with Hamas deep in negotiations with Israel and the moderate Palestinian Authority furious about the process.

Border clashes continue amid hopes of ceasefire

Hamas officials have spent days in intense meetings considering a long-term ceasefire, prompting speculation that a deal is near.