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Australian Jewish leaders slam Israeli minister

AUSTRALIAN Jewish leaders have condemned comments by Israel’s new Education Minister Rafi Peretz appearing to endorse gay conversion therapy.

Bibi issues warning over Iran

EUROPE'S cool response to Iran's nuclear transgressions is reminiscent of the appeasement of Hitler, Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed.

Israel’s new education minister under fire for supporting gay conversion therapy

Israel’s new education minister Rafi Peretz said in a television interview that he supports gay conversion therapy and that he has used the practice to help homosexual youth.

‘These planes can reach anywhere in Mid East’

BENJAMIN Netanyahu has warned Iran that Israeli bomber planes "can reach anywhere in the Middle East". 

Barak’s back in bid to oust Bibi

THE centre-left just received the boost it needs to defeat Bibi, Ehud Barak has claimed, announcing his political comeback.

Israel concerned over Iranian brinkmanship

IRAN will violate the limit on low-grade uranium production by Thursday unless it gets significant concessions from Europe, according to an official in Tehran.

Lieberman urges Likud–Blue and White coalition

THE politician famous for warning that Israel is headed towards theocracy is saying that the country's only hope is for a unity government.

Furore over Friedman comments

PEACE activists and Palestinians are calling on Donald Trump to fire his ambassador to Israel, saying that he has green-lit West Bank annexation.

Right-wing Ohana is first openly gay minister

Benjamin Netanyahu shunned a self-declared homophobe for the job of Justice Minister – and appointed the country's most prominent gay politician instead. 

‘Israel’s all messed up with their election’

ISRAELIS are incredulous that they will vote again on September 17 – after taking part in elections on April 9. Even in a country of such political turbulence, this is a first, writes Nathan Jeffay.