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70 year Exodus commemoration in Haifa

RITA Migdal viewed a new documentary about the Exodus last month. Saddened and moved, she suggested her daughter Eva Migdal also watch the film. But when Eva attempted to find

Rita’s story of Exodus

70 years ago, the Exodus 1947 ploughed across seas. The ship brimmed with more than 4500 Jewish refugees – and their hopes and gritty determination to rise from the ashes […]

‘Utterly untruthful’ reporting slammed

VICTORIAN Opposition Leader Matthew Guy, who was in the Old City of Jerusalem last Friday when three terrorists killed two Israeli police officers has slammed major news outlets for “fundamentally untruthful” reporting.

Israel: the good and the bad news

DELIVERING the 35th B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission Gandel Oration to a capacity audience at Moriah College, acclaimed US diplomat Dennis Ross divided his address between “good news, bad news and uncertain news”.

The gate to chaos

Beyond the gate to the Israel–Lebanon border lies the world of Hezbollah and, if you carry on straight into Lebanon and turn right to Syria, the drama of the Syrian civil war. 

Bob Carr Israel

Bob-sessive compulsive distorter

Bob Carr’s attacks on Israel and silence on China highlight his hypocrisy, writes Labor MP Michael Danby.

Maccabiah Games kick off

AUSTRALIA is off to a ripping start at the 20th Maccabiah Games in Israel, with the Aussie athletes nabbing dozens of medals.

20 years on: remembering Maccabiah bridge victims

SHELLY Jackson was 37 weeks pregnant when Australian athletes, including her father Warren Zines, plunged into the Yarkon River as the bridge outside the 1997 Maccabiah Games Opening Ceremony in Ramat Gan collapsed.

‘Truly a historic visit’

THE staggering transformation of India from Israel critic to firm friend was completed this week, with the first ever visit of an Indian Prime Minister to the Jewish State.

Optimism over ties with Arabs

THERE was something unusual in the air at Israel’s top global policy conference, which has just finished – a hint of optimism.