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British government won’t apologise for Balfour

The British government has rejected a Palestinian request to apologise for the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which led in part to the creation of Israel.

MP under fire over Bibi-bashing speech

LABOR MP Julia Finn has been slammed for her “ill-informed and deeply offensive” comments about Benjamin Netanyahu in Parliament earlier this month, in which she labelled the Israeli Prime Minister “an enemy of peace”.

British student killed, prisoners hunger strike

With Jerusalem residents reeling from a fatal attack and security prisoners launching a mass hunger strike, tensions between Palestinians and Israel are rising again.

Living in the shadow of terror

IN southern Israel, the start of Passover came with a sense of foreboding for some. “There’s an element of fear going into the chag,” said Yosef Dahan, a 74-year- old technician.

High hopes for medical cannabis

Experts from Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Germany, Netherlands and Canada gathered in Sydney last week for a three-day forum to discuss the regulation and administration of medical cannabis.

Israel trip empowers MPs

THREE federal MPs fresh from a Rambam study week in Israel and the West Bank say they now feel more empowered to play an informed and active role when Middle East matters are debated in Parliament and their own parties.

Making Sydney a smart city

TEL Aviv is a smart city in more ways than one. Largely thanks to the efforts of Tel Aviv Global CEO Hila Oren, residents are enjoying improved innovation, nightlife, connectivity through their own personalised “digital card” and free Wi-Fi all over the city.

Rozana offers vision of peace

The Middle East is littered with well-intentioned proposals to end the long-running dispute between Israel and the Palestinians.

Music’s highs and lows

After following her Sephardi roots to Israel to shoot the video clip for her new single, London-based Australian singer-songwriter Anita Lester talks to Yael Brender about her musical journey.

‘UN’s Israel-bashing days are over’

United Nations Security Council ambassador Nikki Haley said that the Trump administration will not allow a repeat of last year’s UN resolution condemning Israel for its settlements.