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The fraught situation confronting Germany and German Jewry

THE cry was as jarring and intrusive as it was unexpected. Huddled against a bracing Frankfurt autumn morning, the delegation of Jewish leaders from centres as diverse as Novosibirsk, Siberia,

Walking in William Cooper’s footsteps

This protest was for another mob. He [William Cooper] saw injustices happening to others and had the guts and ability to do something about it.

Melbourne to mark Cooper’s protest march

Marchers plan to converge on Melbourne's CBD on December 6 to commemorate the walk of Aboriginal human rights advocate William Cooper to the German consulate 80 years ago on that date with a protest note from his Australian Aborigines League over Kristallnacht.

Call to rename electorate ‘Cooper’

A proposal to rename Victoria's federal electorate of Gellibrand in honour of William Cooper has drawn acclaim from the Aboriginal human rights champion's supporters.

Indigenous Kristallnacht protest finally accepted

An Aboriginal letter of protest to Nazi Germany against the horrors of Kristallnacht has finally been accepted by the German government 79 years after it was initially offered at the door of Melbourne's German consulate in 1938.

Sydney to commemorate Kristallnacht

ORGANISERS of next Thursday night's Kristallnacht commemoration service at the Sydney Jewish Museum have secured a dynamic guest speaker lineup.

‘True mensch’ mourned

Tributes flowed in for Dr Joachim Schneeweiss, a “true mensch” and a “giant” of the Australian Jewish community, when he died at the age of 89 on Monday (March 6).

Remembrance at refurbished memorial

The Victorian Association of Jewish Ex and Servicemen and Women was involved in three events to commemorate Remembrance Day 2016.

‘Where were the good people’s voices?’

HUNDREDS gathered to commemorate the anniversary of Kristallnacht in Sydney and Melbourne last Sunday.

JHC honours stalwart

AS an eyewitness to Kristallnacht, it is timely that this year’s Jewish Holocaust Centre (JHC) commemoration of the 1938 Nazi pogrom will see communal stalwart Shmuel Rosenkranz (pictured), now 93, appointed inaugural life governor of the JHC.