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Inclusion beyond the wheelchair ramp

This weekend is a time to start challenging our assumptions or the ideas we may have had about those with a disability or families with members who have a disability.

Breaking the stigma of domestic violence

Domestic violence does not discriminate. It occurs in all racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, religious, geographic, and occupational groups. The Jewish community is certainly not immune.

Suicide: shattering the stigma

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44. Today is R U OK? Day, imploring us to begin conversations with those around us and provide support in order to prevent the silence that leads to these staggering statistics. So, let's talk. Rebecca Davis lifts the lid on suicide.

Footy fever on Yom Kippur

YOM KIPPUR is the holiest day of the year for millions of Jews across the world.

Rabbi Rabin takes on new role

RABBINICAL Council of Victoria president Rabbi Daniel Rabin has been appointed as the new rabbi of South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation (SCHC).

Same-sex marriage statement rocks rabbinate

A Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) member quit the body's executive and the president apologised within days of an RCV statement urging people to vote against same-sex marriage in the upcoming postal survey.

‘Compass’ takes on conversion

ABC TV’s Compass will present ‘Ike’s Conversion’ this week, telling the story of 21-year-old Melbournian Ike Curtis, and his journey to Orthodox Judaism through the Melbourne Beth Din.

Uniting to heal wounds of abuse

In the wake of last week’s Royal Commission hearing, members of the community gathered with lay and spiritual leaders at Caulfield Park Pavilion for what was billed as “a Night of Healing”.

Community mourns ‘happy and bubbly’ Thalia

THE Jewish community is in mourning following the death of 10-year-old Thalia Hakin, who was killed in Friday’s car ramming attack in Melbourne.

Stressing the mitzvah of organ donation

A HANDFUL of young Melbourne rabbis have joined a scheme which allows them to be registered as organ donors in accordance with halachah.